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Rika is one of those horses that is only confident in her environment.¬† When she’s home she a LBI punk, for the most part. ūüôā¬† However when she’s pushed, or she leaves the property she is¬†very unconfident.¬†




and explosive.

For the longest time I thought she was Right-Brained Extrovert.

Tendency to rear,


can’t stand still,

and hyper alert.

But, I think that is an explosion because lately I noticed that she freezes first, and if I don’t push her she just doesn’t go there, and then she licks and chews and comes back down to earth.

I think her signs are subtle, so I didn’t see them until I pushed her and she explode, too late.

In the¬†latest Savvy Times there is an article Wash those Fears Away that has a note of caution for RBE’s.¬† It mentions Starting Block Position, which is when the hindleg appears cocked, but is really braced wide under the body.¬†¬† The article also mentions shallow breathing or not breathing at all.

What?¬† Rika does those things before she explodes.¬† So, lately I have been WAITING, WAITING, and WAITING for her, and she hasn’t been exploding, but she does lick her lips.¬† HMM… BFO, Blinding Flash of the OBVIOUS.

I think this Right-Brained Introvert side has escalated since the Cougar attack, now she seems even less confident at home.¬† I’m airing with the side of caution, if she looks like she’s not there, catatonic, then we wait.¬† I would rather wait more, even when we don’t have to, then cause her to loose her trust in me and explode.